Email Campaigns

Turn contacts into customers

We create beautiful promotional emails that are designed to convert potential customers.

These emails can be created as a way to distribute product promotions, newsletters, timed discounts and more. Drive traffic to your website or social media.

We can also install a signup form on your website or Facebook page to encourage people to sign up to receive your emails.

Why Promotional Emails?

Stunning Designs:
Our team work with you to create visually appealing and compelling emails. From attention-grabbing headlines to eye-catching graphics, every element is crafted to make your brand stand out in the digital landscape.

Tailored Content:
Understanding the significance of personalisation, we tailor the content of each email to resonate with your target audience.

Diverse Applications:
Our promotional emails serve various purposes, including product promotions, informative newsletters, time-sensitive discounts, special offers, and announcements. Whether you wish to highlight your latest product line or drive traffic to your website or social media channels, we’ve got you covered.

Seamless Integration:
We integrate the email marketing strategy into your overall marketing plan. This ensures that your promotional emails align with your brand identity and resonate with your existing marketing efforts, creating a cohesive customer experience.

Maximising Reach and Impact

Our email marketing services include:

Audience Segmentation:
Understanding that different customers have different needs, we segment your audience to deliver personalised emails. By tailoring content according to their preferences, we can significantly enhance customer engagement and boost conversion rates. For example, we can split your audience between Guernsey & Jersey to target the correct customers.

Strategic Scheduling:
Timing is everything in the digital realm. We schedule your promotional emails to ensure they land in your customers’ inboxes at the most opportune moments, increasing the chances of them being opened and acted upon.

Performance Tracking:
Our job doesn’t end with sending out emails. We track the performance of each campaign, providing analytics and insights. This data helps us fine-tune our approach, making sure every subsequent campaign achieves even better results.


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