What even is SEO?

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, is like a digital compass that helps websites find their way through the vast online wilderness. In simpler terms, it’s a set of strategies and practices used to make websites more visible and attractive to search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

When someone types a question or topic into a search engine, SEO helps websites appear higher up in the search results, increasing the chances of people visiting them.

“Imagine the internet as a massive library with billions of books (websites) on various topics. When you want to find information, you ask the librarian (search engine) for help. The librarian uses a special system (algorithm) to scan through all the books and give you the most relevant ones first. SEO is like organising and tagging the books in a way that the librarian easily finds the best matches for the search queries.”

SEO is essential because it drives organic, or natural, traffic to websites. Instead of paying for advertisements to get noticed, SEO helps websites earn their place at the top of the search results, which can lead to more visitors. Think of it as setting up a shop on a busy street where lots of potential customers pass by every day. The higher a website ranks in search results, the more likely it is to be clicked, visited, and potentially attract customers or readers.

For businesses, SEO is crucial because it can directly impact their bottom line. When a website appears at the top of search results for relevant keywords, it attracts targeted visitors who are more likely to convert into customers. For content creators, bloggers, or anyone sharing information online, SEO helps their work reach a wider audience, increasing their chances of making a positive impact.

In a nutshell, SEO is the secret sauce that helps websites and content stand out in the vast digital landscape, making it easier for people to find what they’re looking for and helping businesses and creators thrive online.


We build basic SEO capabilities into all our websites, however a more comprehensive SEO service can be arranged for any new or existing website. Contact us for more information.

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