I Love My Dog Mugs

Three styles of wall clock: sunset, hot pink and ocean.

Colourful Wall Clocks

Three styles of wall clock: sunset, hot pink and ocean.

Retro Saturn

A bright and colourful Saturn with a pink background stylised in 90’s retro-futurism.

Unsociable Introvert

-2 Notifications, we all get days like these, am I right?

A Different Error Message!

Customised Mug “A Different Error Message! Finally Some Progress!” on orange background.


I <3 ASCII, a minimalist print of geeky programmer humour.

Seattle Pixel Skyline

A Pixellated Seattle Skyline at sunset, with warm colour filters.

Wall Clocks

Two styles of wall clock, one with tally marks on a black chalkboard style background.

CSS Joke Poem

A geeky CSS joke poking fun at how programmers have a lot of unfinished features in their projects.

Tropical Island Illustration Notebook

Notebook cover featuring a warm tropical island.

Phone Case Horizontal Stripes

Basic horizontal pattern, can be tiled to fit most items, used on a phone case in this example.

Tea Milk 2 Sugars Mug

Customised Mug “Tea Milk 2 Sugars” on navy background.


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